COLLECTED SOULS  - a tribute to one of the most enduring rock bands of the 90’s COLLECTIVE SOUL.  

With over two decades of hits and 8 full albums of music under their belt, it’s easy to understand why this band has earned the admiration and devotion of so many listeners.   The positive, high energy, melodic, guitar driven music sets the band apart from many of the grunge and alternative bands of the same era.   

Our Tribute, Collected Souls, was formed in 2011 and has successfully captured the ‘soul’ and ‘energy’ of this dynamic band.  Performing all of the iconic hard rock hits such as ‘Heavy”, “Precious Declaration”, “Where the River Flows’, ‘Shine” and more, placing this tribute in the same league as other hard hitting rock tribute bands. Mixed in along with these hits, are the forceful ballads, such as “Run”, “The World I know”, “December” and other deep cuts that are recognizable favorites.  

Without being limited to one particular genre, Collected Souls’ music appeals to all who love Rock, Metal or Pop.  Professionally and expertly performed in concert style shows that keeps everyone in the audience on their feet.   Fitting equally well as an opening act or the headlining band, Collected Souls offer an unforgettable experience in positive rock and roll energy.  Find out for yourself what it is that has drawn so many to our shows.  Become a Collected Soul along with us!

Yours truly,
Collected Souls