COLLECTED SOULS Paying Tribute to Collective Soul, Collected Souls embraces their forceful and melodic guitar driven hits that have stood the test of time for nearly 20 years. Our shows are a literal powerhouse of rock and roll showcasing the best song choices from the all 7 albums. Absolute unstoppable energy pours off the stage during every song, transforming the experience into a festival level concert. Now add the well placed rock ballads that are a staple of radio stations worldwide and you’ll truly see why so many are drawn to our shows.

Set apart from the current myriad of “Metal” and “Big Hair” bands, we perform music that stretches across a variety of genres and bridges multiple generations.  It appeals to all who love high energetic, upbeat music with catchy lyrics; no one will be able to resist dancing and singing along to their favorite songs.

We know that some have enjoyed listening to many of their hits never realizing it was Collective Soul. But many, like those in our group, "got it" from the very beginning and have been anxiously awaiting every release from the beginning. Hence, we have become Collected Souls in the truest sense. We have been drawn together to experience and share the emotion and connected energy of Collective Soul with you.

Yours truly,
Collected Souls


About Collective Soul (The band we pay tribute to!)

Ever since "Shine" debuted in 1993, this band has remained a hit making machine in the alternative as well as mainstream music charts.  Since then Collective Soul has had 6 other # 1 hits that continue to enjoy radio air play today, 7 more albums, a list of motion picture soundtrack appearances, plus their Live DVD "Home" performing with the Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra.